Baseball Case Breaks

Times sure have changed when it comes to sports card and memorabilia collecting and if your a baseball fan your probably already familiar with Baseball Case Breaks.

There has definitely been an evolution in the hobby of collecting baseball cards and gone are the days of going to your local sports card shop and purchasing a box of baseball cards and then coming home to bust some wax with a couple of friends and saving your cards in a shoe box under your bed.

The prices and quality of baseball cards has gone up dramatically , almost to the point to where many collectors could no longer even afford to get in the game of collecting anymore.

And that’s where Case Breaking has evolved, it allows everyone to get involved and with the opportunity to get high value cards without breaking their bank account.

Here at Tailgate Breaks we enjoy being part of the Sports Card Collecting community and strive to do our part in helping make it affordable for everyone by providing Baseball Case Breaks live to anyone that wants to participate.

If you would like to learn more about Case Breaks visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or Contact Us via email with any questions you may have and let us know what your interested in.

Basketball Case Breaks

For many of us trading Basketball Cards was a rite of passage when we were kids. Whether it was swapping  a Shaq Ultra rookie card for a Michael Jordan in the same set, or a Topps rookie card of Julius Erving for that year’s Kareem, we were always excited about collecting our favorite players.

Of course the prices and quality of Basketball Cards has gone up dramatically , almost to the point to where many collectors could no longer even afford to get in the game of collecting anymore.

And of course with any type of collecting there are always items that are sought after by collectors around the world which increases the value like these Top Most 25 valuable basketball cards.

So yes times sure have changed when it comes to sports card collecting but the passion and excitement is still there for collectors of all ages,  and if your a basketball card collector your probably already familiar with Basketball Case Breaks.

And that’s where Basketball Case Breaking has evolved as it allows collectors with limited budgets to get involved in the hobby of collecting again and with the opportunity to get high value cards without “breaking” their bank account.

Here at Tailgate Breaks we enjoy being part of the Sports Card Collecting community and strive to do our part in helping make it affordable for everyone by providing Basetball Case Breaks live to anyone that wants to participate.

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Sports Card Case Breaking

Are you into sports card collecting ?  Have you heard of Sports Card Case Breaking ?   Case Breaking is a fun and affordable way to get into the card collecting hobby and a great way to meet and interact with others who are passionate about collecting.

With the cost of sports cards going up dramatically over the years , Case Breaking has evolved as a way for collectors of all ages and budgets to enjoy their passion of Busting Wax and Chasing Monsters !

During the Case Breaks all the sports card collectors that are participating are hoping for a tremendous hit or Monster Card, this is a card that has a value much higher than the other cards and can then be sold by the collector or added to their collection.

The Monster cards are what make Sports Card Case Breaking so exciting and often rewarding.  Of course even if you don’t get a monster card you still get high quality sports cards to add to your collection.

If your ready to enjoy the world of Live Case Breaking then visit our Getting Started Page and stop by our Frequently Asked Questions page for additional information details about Case Breaks here at Tailgate Breaks.

Sports Card Collectibles

A question that I get asked from time to time has to do with new collectors to the hobby, or from people who want to streamline their collection. Lets face it, the day of collecting a full set of a brand by simply buying packages of cards is nearly history for most card collectors. There are just too many sets to casually try to collect everything. Its a losing battle for most that will leave you frustrated and broke!

So, what should a new collector collect? Well, your options are virtually endless. You could collect your favorite player(s), team(s), brands, or even types of cards. Personally, I had to streamline my personal collection to a few of my all-time favorite players in each sport (Sergei Fedorov, Scott Stevens, Grant Fuhr, Alex Kovalev, Al Iafrate, Atlanta Braves, Dennis Rodman, Orande Gadsden, Rip Hamilton, Tayshaun Prince, Ben Wallace, any player born in Newfoundland, Canada!). This allows me to still add to my collection and I find it really fun to find a card that i dont have. With base cards, odd balls, inserts, parallels, numbered, autograph, and relic cards available, your collection has NO LIMITS!

When collecting the higher end relic cards (cards that have memorabilia pieces in them – bat, stick, jersey, stadium seat, hockey board, glove, hat, etc.), it is important to also purchase protective holders such as a soft sleeve for the card, and a hard plastic holder that encases the card and the sleeve. These holders come in a large variety from a regular “top holder” to a two-piece “screwdown” designed to give your card maximum protection from dust and fingerprints while at the same time giving an attractive viewing display. You can find these items at a local card shop or on eBay. Its a must to keep your collection safe!

Regular cards can also be stored in “top holders” but can also and much more affordably be stored in nine-card plastic pages and put into a binder. Card collecting was always a way for me to have a common interest with my friends and family and it has been a source of FUN for years.

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Collecting Sports Cards

Collecting sports cards has been a popular hobby to many different types of individuals for a long period of time. Regardless of the sport, these have been valuable sports memorabilia that can sometimes collect financial value. Some people collect them for the love of the sport and others collect to complete their collection. There are cards for pretty much sport out there. Some of these sports include basketball, football, baseball and racing.

One of the major brands of these cards are Topps, Beckett, and Upper Deck. These cards were originally developed for promotional purposes for sponsors. The cards became such a hit that these promotional sponsors were eventually obsolete. These cards have continued to be collector’s items by sports fanatics all around the world.

The first sports cards that were nationally sold were introduced around the 1950’s. Currently, just about anything else that pertains to graphics and printing is a better quality now than it was then. This is the same with these trading cards produced in the initial phases. All of the pictures that were used during these first cards were not in color; they were all in black and white. They never really included any information about the players like they do now. Now you can find out just about everything about an athlete’s career from the back of one of the baseball cards.

Due to various printing issues these initial issues are very hard to locate and are worth a lot of money now a days. The well known Topps was established in 1951 and were the leaders in production of these collector’s items along with Bowman. Topps eventually grew into the leader and purchased Bowmen around 1955. I’m sure that any sports cards collector can recognize Upper Deck brand. They were established in the late 80’s and because one of the top developers of these cost efficient cards that everyone could afford. Ever since these companies opened the doors wide open, there have been many different providers that have began to surface. Obviously, the larger the amounts produced by these newer companies mean lower value for the consumers in the end. All of the companies have developed more than enough of the collector’s items. Contrary to popular belief the demand began to rise again as well.

Make sure you do some research before you purchase what you believe to be “rare” issues. There are lots of distributers out there who inflate the value and try to scam sports lovers, so be careful. There are still many places where you can find great issues that bring back memories.

If you are looking to find out more about sports cards, then check out [] for the latest information.

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Best Case Breakers

If your passionate about sports card collecting but just don’t have it in your budget,  then you have come to the right place.  Tailgate Breaks is one of the Best Case Breakers out there to help you get started.

There is no doubt that pricing on sports cards has dramatically increased over the years which has made it hard for newbies and veteran collectors alike to stay in the game.

Here at Tailgate Breaks our passion is to create opportunities for everyone to join in on the fun without having to break the bank. I’m sure most people are familiar with Case Breaking , Box Breaking and Group Breaks and how it all works.

Essentially what happens is a Sports Card Breaker like the team here at Tailgate Breaks will purchase the expensive Cases and Boxes of Sports Cards from the leaders in the industry such as Topps, Upper Deck, Leaf, Panini and many others.

From there we create Live Break Events where you can participate by purchasing a spot in the break with the hopes of getting a high value Monster Card !  This is how the Best Case Breakers like Tailgate Breaks is able to  give individual collectors the opportunity to get in the game, mix it up with other collectors and have some fun as well.

Of course there are few different types of events and and ways of going about it as all Sports Card Breakers have their own styles of breaking based on what their fellow collectors enjoy doing the most.

For more detailed information on Getting Started and the most Frequently Asked Questions go through our website here at Tailgate Breaks or feel free to Contact Us online and we will reply and get all your questions answered…. thanks for stopping by !

Sports Card Memorabilia Collecting and Storage

The best way for you to store your vintage sports cards, newspapers, ticket stubs, and memorabilia depends upon how you want to present your collection. Sometimes collectors display several of their prized cards or memorabilia in display cases for others to frequently view, while other collectors are more focused on achieving long-term storage to preserve their investment.

How to handle your sports cards and memorabilia

It’s very important to handle your vintage sports cards and memorabilia with great care. Remember not to touch or handle a card or memorabilia item by its corners. It is better to handle your collectible by its edges. Likewise, it’s preferable to lay the card flat on a clean surface, or rest it on an angle against something solid so you do not scratch or damage the back of the card or collectible.

How to store your sports cards and memorabilia

The best way to store your card collections and memorabilia is to place them in a dark, cool, and dry environment. Bright light, high humidity and high temperatures can affect a card’s appearance and value. Failing to protect your sports cards and memorabilia could result in discoloration, extreme wear, and bent corners, to name a few ways that could typically decrease the item’s value, even below its original cost.

Before we discuss the various options you have for protecting your valuable sports cards and memorabilia, please remember that to protect your investment it’s important that these valuables are not pushed into a corner or closet, unprotected. One day when you decide to sell a card or item from your collection, you will quickly realize that the sports card industry demands perfection when buying collectibles-that’s why paying attention to how to store your collectible will determine their value in the future.

Protective storage options for vintage sports cards and memorabilia

You can purchase plastic sleeves or poly sleeves, as they are sometimes called, to help keep your sports cards straight, flat, and protected. Most of the poly sleeves are three-hole punched, which makes it extremely easy to store one card in a poly sleeve, and then to insert the poly sleeve into a three-ring binder.

Likewise, once your memorabilia or sports cards are inserted into poly sleeves, you may also place them in storage boxes if you’re going to store them for a long period of time.

TIP: Be sure to create an inventory for each one of your sports cards or pieces of memorabilia. The inventory list would typically include the player’s name, the card number, the company who made the card, the year the card was made, and adding the approximate condition of each card or memorabilia piece is a bonus.

If you are storing a group of cards together as a collection, perhaps you can give it a number, and then place the corresponding number on your inventory list. Like with all your other important papers, be sure to store your sports cards and memorabilia inventory lists in a safe place.

Storage boxes are adequate for storing your least valuable sports cards and memorabilia. Boxes can be organized by set, by player, alphabetically, by year, by the card company, or publisher.

TIP: Creating an organizational system now for your vintage sports cards and memorabilia will be critical in the future when you decide to sell a card, a magazine, a ticket stub, or any of your collectibles. Why? When you have a system, then you will know exactly where to look when you decide to sell one of your items.

Some sports card collectors prefer to use a case that screws shut since they believe that it protects their most valuable cards. The case is made of transparent plastic that is screwed shut, and holds a card safely and securely in place. It protects and preserves the current condition of the sports card.

In addition to poly sleeves and screw-shut cases, here is a partial list of other storage devices that you may wish to consider to protect your collectible investments for the long-term.

* Acrylic and acid-proof storage boxes
* Toploaders (soft or hard)
* Acrylic or Glass Display Cases
* Three-ring binders with top-loading plastic sleeves
* Picture Frames
* Sports Boards or Matboards
* Magnetic card holders

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Tailgate Sports Cards Update

Tailgaters, we will be moving to dual casting the breaks on Youtube as well as on Facebook….. Please go to the links below and subscribe to the pages on Facebook and Youtube !

In this way everyone gets to share in the excitement of the “break event” and of course during the live broadcasts we always make sure to present the box or case so that everyone can see that it has never been opened and the seals are intact before any break event begins.

Here at Tailgate Breaks you can trust that all of our boxes and cases are factory sealed and come only from trusted sources in the industry.

At Tailgate Breaks it doesn’t matter whether your a seasoned hobbyist or your just starting out and new to collecting.  We invite you to join us to learn, have some fun and be part of the fun and exciting hobby of sports card collecting !

Football Rookie Cards

Football rookie cards are the first appearance of a football player in a particular trading card. These are highly valued and sought after by football card collectors. Every year major companies bring out special editions on the best players of the season.

For an ardent follower of football who is into sports card collection, football rookie cards are perhaps the most prized possessions. Sports card collection itself is a very rewarding hobby. And if this is a rookie card, then it becomes that much more special. A football card is the first appearance of a football player in a particular trading card.

Among all other types of sports cards, rookie cards are the most valued and are most sought after. Some regard it as the first ever appearance of a player, while others regard it as the first official card of a player from a major manufacturer. Collecting these is a separate hobby altogether. People are crazy about these. Some people spend fortunes on building a sports card collection. Although quite a time consuming and expensive hobby, some people keep hunting for these, looking to add every one of them to their collection, and football being one of the most popular games, football cards are prized even more.

Some people collect these only because of their novelty, others for the information, while the rest for simply nostalgic reasons. For American football fans, collecting football rookie cards of NFL players is a very popular hobby. All leading manufacturers bring out special editions on the best NFL players of the season every year. These cards are highly valued and, considering their demand, are often highly priced. However, that definitely doesn’t serve as a deterrent for crazy football fans. They are just too happy to add their favorite players’ rookie card to their ever-increasing collection. After the 2010 pro-bowl, a Vincent Jackson card is what every collector would be looking for.

Football cards are also excellent for investments. Their value never diminishes. On the contrary, they become more valued over the years, growing in demand. Apart from the ones for current players, collectors keep hunting for those special editions from the yesteryears to add to their collection. Apart from local shops, these are also available online. Some collectors also form groups where they exchange cards. If you are on the lookout for some rare rookie card, being a part of such a group can be a good idea.

Rare football rookie cards [] also surface at auction sites. Every collector knows the worth of a rare football rookie card [], and they protect such cards as they would their most precious possession. If you want to add such a rare card to your collection, then be ready to shell out an astronomical price.

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10 Valuable Baseball Cards

Some of the most valuable and expensive baseball cards are also the rarest. Baseball cards value depends on such factors as their condition, rarity, demand, and when they were produced-those produced in pre 1970s are much more valuable than the ones from 1990s.

The vintage baseball rookie cards are some of the best sports cards, but finding these in near-perfect condition is extremely difficult.

Here’s a list of top 10 baseball cards of all times:

(Note: For the sake of simplicity, each player has been represented by his most valuable card.)

1. Honus Wagner, 1909-1911, T206

Value: $250,000-$400,000

Only a few hundred Wagner cards were produced, and presently just about 10 of them are in a decent condition. Reason for the low production is Wagner’s possible aversion to cigarette smoking. He demanded that production of his cards be stopped. Forbes says that the last recorded auction price for a Wagner was $1.1 million in 2000.

2. Ty Cobb, 1911-1914, E145-1

Value: $3,600-$6,000

This card has been an elusive find to even the savviest collectors. It is for this reason that collectors are willing to pay a heavy price for this.

3. Joe Jackson, 1910-1914, E145-1

Value: $5,000-$9,000

“Shoeless” Joe Jackson has been in the top 10 list for almost a decade. He is most famous for his role in the 1919 Chicago Black Sox scandal when his team tried to lose the World Series to the Cincinnati Red Legs for money.

4. Nap Lajoie, 1933, Goudey Gum #106

Value: $20,000-$30,000

Originally, this card was not a part of the 1933 Goudey set, and only collectors who requested this card in writing got this card. Lajoie holds the American League record for batting average in a single season (.426 in 1901).

5. Babe Ruth

Value: $3,500-$5,000

Ruth is one of the most successful and popular baseball players of his time. Only a few examples of his card exist today.

6. Joe DiMaggio, 1938, Goudey Heads Up R323 #274

Value: $2,000-$3,500

The only player to have achieved 56 game hitting streaks, his record stands unbroken.

7. Leroy “Satchel” Paige, 1949, Leaf #8

Value: $3,500-$6,000

Only a single card was printed after Paige spent 22 years with the Negro Leagues.

8. Willie Mays, 1951, Bowman #305

Value: $2,000-$3,000

Mays’ was an all time famous rookie card. He became the greatest all-around baseball player of all times.

9. Mickey Mantle, 1952, Topps #311

Value: $12,000-$18,000

This card brought collecting to fame in the 1980s.

10. Ted Williams, 1954 Bowman #66A

Value: $2,000-$3,500

Ted Williams originally signed only with Topps, so when a Williams Bowman card was produced, either Topps or Williams or both disengaged from production, making this card scarce.

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