Frequently Asked Questions

How do I participate in a live break?
Register to our website. Then add one or more spots in any one of our breaks to your shopping cart and proceed to checkout. There you will provide your shipping address and contact information before being directed to payment. You are not required to Register to our Website, however if you plan on participating in future breaks it will save you time during check out. Being a registered user will also allow you access to other member features as well , such as the Group Chat during Live Breaks and additional features we will be adding as our community grows.

What is the next step?
Come watch us live on our dedicated broadcasting platform at .
If you are unable to watch live you can watch previously recorded breaks that have been archived at .
All cards will be shipped out by the end of the week via USPS.

How do we comment and chat during the Live Breaks ?
Here at Tailgate Beaks we love chatting and interacting during the live events, that’s part of the fun !  There will be a live Group Chat during every live break on the right hand side of our Live Breaks Page.  This is our proprietary Group Chat system and is not linked to any other platforms. Please Register to our website to participate in the Group Chat,  and create or upload an avatar so we can see you during the Group Chat as well.

Can I still watch your Live Breaks on Facebook ?
Yes, we will be simulcasting our Live Breaks on our Facebook pages at , and
However keep in mind during the Live Breaks we will be using our website chat system, so we might not have time to respond to comments and chats on Facebook.

What card types will get shipped to me ?
All rookies, inserts, numbered cards, autographs, relics, and variations will be shipped! The only thing that will not be sent out is regular base cards.
All cards will be shipped out by the end of the week via USPS.

What if I have a question , how do I contact support ?
You can click on the “Support Chat Button ” that is about mid way on the left hand side of all of our website pages. If no operator is available live you can ask your question and we will respond to you promptly. You can also simply email us at .

Why should I sign up for the Newsletter ?
It’s not required of course , we just want to be able to quickly contact all of our fellow collectors and let them know about any special events, offerings or news about our website platform so you know what’s going on and you don’t miss out on anything.

What types of breaks are there ?
Team Breaks:
Collectors buy a single team from an entire box or case of cards. Teams are priced based on the amount of cards in the checklist for that specific team. If you are an avid fan or personal collector of a specific team, this break style is for you!

Random Breaks:
Teams will be sold as fixed price slots. All teams on the checklist will have a slot, sometimes even buy one get one free! The names of the collectors will be thrown into the list generator and we will randomize the order of the collectors. We will then follow the same process with the teams. On an excel spreadsheet, we will line up your name with the team from the random generator and that is your team or teams for the break.

Hit Draft Breaks:
All hits from the product we break will be sold as fixed price slots. Buying into this style break guarantees you a hit! We will drop the list of collectors into the generator to determine the draft order. After the product is opened, the collectors will draft the available hit when it is their turn in the draft

This style draft allows collectors to get a team from a variety of years of a card product. You can collect your favorite team  throughout the years and get whatever hits come to your team. These breaks can be sold as team or random style breaks.

Other Situations:
If a card comes out with multiple players on it from different teams, the owners of each team will get thrown into the randomizer to give away the card unless one person owns the majority of the teams on the card. Each team’s owner will get one slot in the randomizer regardless of how many other slots they purchased in the breaks. Only the owners of the teams on the card will be given a chance at the random.

If a card comes out from a legend or collegiate player and does not specify a major sports team, we will always defer to the checklist. If the checklist does not specify and the player is currently active, it will go to the team they currently play for. If the player is retired or no longer in the league, the card will go to the team they had their longest tenure with. If the player is part of a minor league farm system, it will go to the team who system they are currently in. If a card comes from a different sport than what we are breaking, we will random the card off to the community!

Hitless Teams:
100% skunk protection! If any team does not receive a hit during their break, they will still be mailed a rookie card, pack,something from your PC from the sport of their break (i.e. we won’t send you a baseball rookie for a football break). Many of the teams in the break will get cards from the break itself, but rest assured even if you got nothing, you get something from tailgatebreaks!

Do we offer a rewards program ?
Yes the Tailgate Breaks Rewards Program is based on a 1% rewards program. For every $10 spent 1 Point will be rewarded. 10 points will = 1 Tailgate dollar. Tailgate Dollars can be used like cash in your store. When a shopper has any number of Tailgate Dollars earned they’ll see a message in the cart
and checkout pages asking them if they want to apply some or all of their Tailgate Dollars to the purchase. ( During Special Promotions we may change the formula temporarily to increase the conversion rate.)

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