Sports Card Case Breaking

Are you into sports card collecting ?  Have you heard of Sports Card Case Breaking ?   Case Breaking is a fun and affordable way to get into the card collecting hobby and a great way to meet and interact with others who are passionate about collecting.

With the cost of sports cards going up dramatically over the years , Case Breaking has evolved as a way for collectors of all ages and budgets to enjoy their passion of Busting Wax and Chasing Monsters !

During the Case Breaks all the sports card collectors that are participating are hoping for a tremendous hit or Monster Card, this is a card that has a value much higher than the other cards and can then be sold by the collector or added to their collection.

The Monster cards are what make Sports Card Case Breaking so exciting and often rewarding.  Of course even if you don’t get a monster card you still get high quality sports cards to add to your collection.

If your ready to enjoy the world of Live Case Breaking then visit our Getting Started Page and stop by our Frequently Asked Questions page for additional information details about Case Breaks here at Tailgate Breaks.