Tailgate Breaks Terms Of Service

Payment For Spots on Live Breaks:
Tailgate Breaks does not keep any credit card information on our website.
Your payment information is sent through a secure SSL connection while your transaction is processed. The only information we keep in our shopping cart system is your shipping address, email and phone number so that we can process your order and communicate with you directly if we need to. Should you have any questions please contact us at support@tailgatebreaks.com

Live Break Spots:
Tailgate Breaks will provide a description of each break which may include a detailed description of what can be expected from a product and how many spots are in the break, and other information that is helpful before making a purchase. Keep in mind when purchasing a spot/team in any of our breaks, you will not be receiving a sealed box or case of unopened product. You will receive cards from the team you selected or given as a result of a randomly generated list.

Live Break Schedule:
Our break schedule calendar will be updated as often as needed to ensure you know what is coming up as far as live breaks. We try our best to stay on schedule but depending on the products, some breaks may run longer than anticipated. All of our break times are scheduled in the Pacific Standard Timezone (West Coast US Standard Time).

Live and Recorded Break Broadcasts:
Our live broadcasts can be seen on our website on the following web page tailgatebreaks.com/watch-live. We will record and archive all of live broadcasts for 30 days for our members to review if they choose to on the following web page tailgatebreaks.com/case-break-videos . Our Live broadcasts will also be simulcast on our Facebook Pages, facebook.com/TailgateBreaks  and facebook.com/groups/TailgateSportsCards .

Rules and Proper Behavior During Our Live Broadcasts:
We reserve the right to ban people from our website’s Live Chat Sessions and our Facebook Pages during our live break broadcasts whether you are in the break or just watching.  We want the experience here at Tailgate Breaks to be enjoyable and appropriate for members of all ages and we will not tolerate the use of foul language or the harassment of others.

Randomizing Results:
We use Random.org to randomize the outcome of all the lists for the order of the collectors. We will then use the same process with the teams. We will then use a spreadsheet where we will line up your name with the team from the random generator and that is your team or teams for the break.

Refund & Return Policy:
There are no returns or refunds. It is assumed that when you are checking out that your understand that we have a no return no refund policy. Please make sure you read the description of what you are purchasing before you check out. Because of the nature of the products being sold this is not a return friendly business.

Tailgate Breaks Rewards Program:
The Tailgate Breaks Rewards Program is based on a 1% rewards program. For every $10 spent 1 Point will be rewarded. 10 points will = 1 Tailgate dollar.
Tailgate Dollars can be used like cash in your store. When a shopper has any number of Tailgate Dollars earned they’ll see a message in the cart and checkout pages asking them if they want to apply some or all of their Tailgate Dollars to the purchase. ( During Special Promotions we may change the formula temporarily to increase the conversion rate.)

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